Postmortem Reveals Gruesome Details In Renuka Swamy’s Murder

Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa was arrested in the alleged murder of Renuka Swamy. Darshan allegedly got Renuka Swamy murdered for making obscene comments against actress Pavithra Gowda who is a rumored girlfriend of Darshan.

While the accused and all others involved in the incident have been nabbed by the police, the post-mortem report has arrived spilling out many gruesome details on how Renukaswamy was tortured before getting killed.

According to the report, Renuka Swamy died due to shock and hemorrhage from multiple blunt injuries. Renuka Swamy was kicked, which caused a ruptured testicle and he was given electric shocks before death. Renuka Swamy reportedly sustained 15 grievous injuries and the autopsy highlights significant bleeding in feet, hands, back, and chest.

Renukaswamy was beaten with a wooden stick and a belt, which were recovered by the police. The post-mortem also revealed another horrific update that dogs had eaten parts of his face and other areas of his body after his death.

So far, 17 individuals including Darshan and his former co-star Pavithra Gowda have been arrested.