‘Automatic’ Green Cards For College Grads: Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump suggested in a podcast that noncitizens in the US should ‘automatically’ get green cards when they graduate from college.

Trump made similar comments during his 2016 campaign too.

Trump says, ‘We need high-skilled workers in this country. What I want to do and What I will do is you graduate from college, I think you should get automatically as part of your diploma, a green card to be able to stay in this country. And that includes junior colleges, too.’

While this seems to be a ray of hope for the parents on work visas whose children are likely to age out due to slow green card processing, there were more number of visa denials and extensions during Trump’s tenure.

In 2019, Trump laid out a merit-based legal immigration system to prioritize highly skilled migrants. But in 2020, he also signed an executive order to freeze new visas for foreign workers.