Viral: Hyd Umpire Talks In Telugu In IPL Match

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is offering a lot of entertainment apart from cricket. The other day a video of Virat Kohli asking his wife Anushka Sharma whether she had food has gone viral. Then a Kohli trying to sledge Surya Kumar Yadav invited a lot of criticism.

Now another video of ‘Telugu Chat’ in the Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings has popped up. Going into details, Dinesh Karthik was at the strikers end in the 19th over and Sam Curran was bowling at the other end. As Kolkata’s innings was nearing a completion, Karthik was on the charge to push the scorecard. Accordingly Karthik was trying to attack Curran’s bowling and facing the fifth ball, he moved aside to try and hit the ball over covers.

However, Karthik misses the ball and goes past Dhoni’s gloves. Then Karthik asks the umpire whether it is a wide? On field umpire Shamshuddin replies that the ball was well inside.

“Wide Ledha?” asks Karthik and the umpire Shamshu replies, “Chaana Lopala… Konchem Kuda Kaadhu…” (It’s inside and not even close to wide).” This visual has been caught and is being widely shared on social media especially among the Hyderabadis and Telugus.

It’s good to see a Hyderabad umpire being on the field for the IPL matches.

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