Watch: Seawater Surges In Turkey’s Izmir After Earthquake

A video showing the widespread destruction caused in Turkey became viral after a strong earthquake struck the Aegean Sea on Friday. Buildings came down crumbling as tidal waves hit the coastal areas and islands.

The earthquake with a magnitude of up to 7.0 on the Richter scale struck Aegean Sea and the tremors were felt across the eastern Greek islands and as far as Athens and in Bulgaria. In Turkey, it shook the regions of Aegean and Marmara, including Istanbul.

The earthquake had a devastating effect on Turkey and Greece. Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir, was the worst hit due to the earthquake as it is located on the Aegean coast and people ran helter skelter fearing for their lives.

Turkish journalist Ragip Soylu tweeted a video shot in Izmir with seawater deluging the particular area. Houses were submerged as water flowed through the streets, with furniture and household items floating along.

In the caption of his post, Ragip Soylu said: “Another tsunami footage from the earthquake in Izmir province of Turkey. This one is really dangerous.”

At least 26 people died and 804 people injured due to the earthquake. Numerous buildings collapsed and people ran on to the streets in fear.

In another video footage from Izmir of Turkey, the sea water has withdrawn after the quake and it is all the land all of a sudden.