Ban or No Ban On Firecrackers This Diwali?

Diwali is among the most celebrated festivals in India. Also called as the festival of lights, people from all ages engage in this festival. But, for the past few years the topic of whether or not to burn firecrackers has been a debate.

This year, the Indian government is trying their best to bring in awareness and urging citizens to not burst any crackers due to the covid-19 pandemic. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Rajasthan have even moved forward with banning people from buying and celebrating with firecrackers.

According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), any firecrackers burnt could be fatal to the covid-19 affected patients. The IMA has urged people to make Diwali a smoke-free festival this year, as the smoke emitted from the firecrackers could influence the dip in the air caused during mid-November.

The number of covid-19 cases has already increased ever since the lockdown has been lifted, but along with the air pollution caused due to firecrackers, there would be an impact on the health of covid affected patients leading to further infections.

It is understandable that people find joy with the celebrations of Diwali. However, it is suggestible to prioritize health and safety precautions first. People could celebrate the festival with close family members and avoid usage of heavy firecrackers that leave an emission of smoke or longing effects on those vulnerable.

Lightening of diyas and puja also helps with the connectivity for the families. Stay safe and avoid gathering in public. Maintain social distance and avoid the harm we could cause the nature and the covid affected patients.

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