Supreme Modifies Telangana HC’s Crackers Ban

The Supreme Court of India has modified the decision of Telangana High Court which had imposed a ban on crackers in view of Covid-19. Deeply upset with the High Court’s decision, the Telangana Crackers and Dealers Association has filed a lunch motion petition in the Supreme Court today.

Taking up the petition on emergency basis, the Supreme Court has made changes to the ban of crackers. Allowing the crackers sales and firing, the Supreme Court said that in places where the air quality index is poor, the crackers would be banned while in places where air quality index is good, people can celebrate Diwali with crackers. Hyderabad city’s air quality index falls in moderate levels.

The Supreme Court added that the orders given by National Green Tribunal (NGT) are applied for only ten states which have high pollution levels and are hit by the second wave of Covid-19. In the NGT orders, Telangana doesn’t fall and so the Supreme Court permitted for sales and use of crackers. Yet the apex court allowed just two hours for the firing of the crackers and the timing would be the state government’s call.

Also the Supreme suggested the crackers and dealers association to make the sale of green crackers which cause less harm to the environment. Overall, with the Supreme Court’s decision, the Telangana crackers and dealers association is happy that the ban is partially lifted and they are relieved