US: 11 Million Covid Cases, 1 Million In Last 6 Days

The number of Covid-19 cases is seeing a big surge in the last few weeks all over the world. The US has surpassed 11 million Coronavirus cases on Sunday and one million cases in them were recorded in the last 6 days. It is the fastest one million cases in the country.

Many US states are bringing back the restrictions to control the spread. Some states are issuing the stay at home orders and shutting the hybrid and in-school learning to go for complete remote learning.

The Washington state announced new restrictions on social gatherings. Michigan moved the schools and colleges to remote learning for three weeks.

Almost 45 states have recorded an increase in the number of infections last week. More than 246,000 people have died so far due to covid-19 infections and around 1300 deaths were recorded on Saturday alone.