Rishi Kapoor Wedding pics goes viral

Bollywood legend Rishi Kapoor breathed his last on April 30th, leaving his fans, family members and well-wishers heartbroken. Especially, Rishi’s wife Neetu Kapoor is inconsolable with his memories. A couple of days ago, she shared a happy picture of Rishi holding his whisky glass and captioned it “End of our story”.

Now, pictures of Rishi and Neetu’s wedding, including their wedding reception card, are going viral on social media. Rishi and Neetu got married in January, 1980. Rishi fell in love with Neetu on the sets of their film 1974 film, Zehreela Insaan. After hating him initially for his bullying nature, Neetu slowly fell in love with Rishi and married him eventually.