Pic Talk: Guy Makes Rs 95,347 Bill At Wine Shop

In Andhra Pradesh, other day we have seen how people stood in a half-kilometre long queue at Siripuram Junction, Vizag to get their first taste of alcohol after nearly 45 days blackout. And coming to the consumers in Karnataka, even women in their mid-20s stood the hot sun to buy alcohol in Bangalore.

And those rich guys in Bangalore have made the most of their purchase after entering the liquor shop. Here come the pictures of couple of bills from Bangalore where one consumer has nearly spent 1 lakh (Rs 95,347) to own various liquor bottles. Another guy purchased almost 50,000 worth liquor. Maybe they are stocking up for the next couple of months as it looks like lockdown will not go off any soon.

While some comment that those persons must have donated that money to the poor as that would have easily saved 30-50 families for a month, some say that it is their hard earned money, so they will spend in whatever way they wish. But then, all the social distancing norms are kicked in the butt with folks rushing to alcohol stores other day. That’s the main thing to get worried about.

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