US: Johnson & Johnson To Release Vaccine by Early 2021?

There are umpteen speculations and rumors popping up each day about the availability of vaccine for the pandemic coronavirus. The reality seems to be different. Any vaccine, before coming out approved needs to go through testing in three stages, first on animals, next on a small group of humans and then, on a large group of humans.

Pharma giant Johnson & Johnson, reportedly, is much ahead than all others in the world, in making the vaccine for coronavirus as it is planning to go for the first phase of human clinical trials in September and the first round of vaccines could be authorized to come out in early 2021. The company announced that it has selected a candidate to test the vaccine in humans.

The Trump administration has reportedly made a half-billion dollars deal with Johnson & Johnson for vaccine contracts. Johnson & Johnson made $456 million by collaborating with Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority towards developing the much-needed vaccine, reports say.