HITMAN donates for stray dogs too

The donations for PM’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM-CARES) fund is pouring down from all corners. From Tollywood to Bollywood celebrities, many have already made their contributions. Now sportspersons have stepped in. Indian star batsman Rohit Sharma has announced his donation which also includes welfare of stray dogs.

Rohit donated a total of Rs 80 Lakh and in that Rs 45 Lakh for PM-CARES fund, Rs 25 Lakh for Maharashtra government.  The rest of the amount Rs 5 Lakh for Feeding India Organisation and Rs 5 Lakh for the welfare of the stray dogs. Well not many people also think about the animals, but Rohit proved that he is a person who cares for them too.

Rohit took to his Twitter handle and shared this update. He urged people to support the leaders who are working to contain Corona virus spread in India. Netizens started hailing the HITMAN to the sky who gave a thought not just about the people but animals too.