Model Stopped From Boarding Flight For Wearing ‘Too Small’ Top

In a shocking yet not uncommon incident, an Instagram model named Isabelle Eleanore was stopped by Australian airlines Jetstar’s staff from boarding the scheduled flight as the model’s outfit is lewd and obscene to them. The incident left many people shock as the airlines tried to police her body and behaved regressively. The model is said to have lost cool for being humiliated. Isabelle said that one of the flight attendants looked at her in disgust which was quite offensive.

Coming into details, the crew stopped her and said her crop top was ‘too small’ and she needs to cover up in order to travel on the flight. Apparently, the airlines’ staff even suggested her to wear a jacket over the top. Isabelle was wearing a black top and jeans, and amid the objection, the staff also arranged a jacket for her. The incident took place when she was taking a flight from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, along with her husband.

She stated that when the staff first saw her, they asked if she has any jacket or jumper with her. Initially, Isabelle thought that they were being generous in asking so as they thought she gets cold on the flight. “When I entered the flight, the crew made such a big scene and made me wait in front of other passengers while they were searching for some cloth to cover me up”.

She called the whole incident as discrimination and humiliation. “If I had small breasts I guarantee they wouldn’t have said anything,” she added. After the whole ruckus on social media about the issue, the airlines have finally apologized to the model.