Lockdown Is Amazing For Mr and Mrs Kohli

Just like any other couple, Indian captain Virat Kohli and his wife actress Anushka Sharma has been spending quality time like never before in the lockdown. The constant pressure and busy schedules in their lives have always shown hurdles in spending more time together earlier. Now, with the pandemic, all cricketing actions have been suspended and the movie shootings have come to halt, which makes this adorable couple live the best of their lives.

Virat Kohli revealed that lockdown is making it possible for him and Anushka to spend a lot of time with each other. Anushka is one of the top actresses in Btown with a huge amount of projects or endorsements all the time, leaving her busy even on weekends.

On the other hand, Kohli is mostly involved in several international tours and other cricket actions. The couple used to spend less time together hence opts for timely vacations every once in a while so that they can share their moments together. Kohli said he never thought he would get to spend so much time together with his wife Anushka.

“Since we have known each other, this is honestly the longest we have spent together. Usually, we are at our respective works so I go see her at work only. We both never stay at home together. There’s one person going to work or doing something that has to be done, but this is the time when both of us have just been together every day and it’s been so amazing,” Kohli said.

“We never thought that we would get to spend so much time like this to spend with each other every day. It’s so nice to know that there’s a silver lining in any situation in life. For us, together, this is a positive way to look at a phase like this. We would have never gotten to spend that much time every day with each other, without having to do something or without one person having to go here or there. It’s been amazing,” he added.

Currently, Virat and Anushka are at their big and cozy plush home in Mumbai along with their pet dogs. The couple took part in various online initiatives to raise awareness against the coronavirus in this lockdown and they have generously donated an undisclosed amount to the PM CARES Fund. In addition, Rs 5 lakh has been given to the Maharashtra Police.

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