Goa Is Ready To Welcome Tourists

The prime revenue of Goa state is tourism and with lockdown, all the popular beaches across the state have witnessed zero crowd. Also Goa has been declared as Corona free and since the last week or so, there are no new cases. So the CM of Goa has decided to revive the tourism.

The state owns revenues close to forty percent from the tourism and about 70,000 people depend upon this sector. There is a fear of all the people losing their jobs if the tourism is not revived. Accordingly with zero cases being reported, CM Pramod Sawant wants to re-start the tourism by inviting tourists.

However, CM has decided to come up with own guidelines and standard operating procedures (SoPs) to regulate tourism post the lockdown. He reportedly informed the officials prepare the guidelines that would follow the norms such as social distancing and stuff.

In the CMs video conference with PM, Goa CM has requested Modi to consider a few relaxations and allow minimal activities. PM Modi will address the nation tonight and is expected to make a key statement on lockdown.

If the lockdown is lifted, Goa would be back to normal. But Goa CM indirectly stated that they would not allow tourists from neighbouring states i.e, Karnataka and Maharashtra as these two states are reporting maximum Corona cases.

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