Shocking Decision By Ramoji Rao!

COVID pandemic did not come to an end yet. The impact of COVID lockdown is still alive in many industries, especially the publishing industry. Already, the organizations are laying off their employees and building new strategies to cope up with the current situations. In this scenario, we have come to know that the Ramoji group is terminating the functioning of four monthly magazines Vipula, Chatura, Telugu Velugu, and Bala Bharatham.

Expressing a shock over the change of readers’ tastes in this internet age, the organization decided to run these magazines online instead of printing them. Ramoji group started these Telugu monthlies to promote the Telugu language and encourage writers to come up with interesting stories in Telugu.

Chatula and Vipula came into existence in 1978. Vipula carries stories from all over the world. The organization used to translate some good stories from other languages into Telugu. 8000 stories are told through Vipula to the readers. Chatura comes with a novel every month and 518 novels are told through this monthly magazine. In 2012, the Ramoji group started Telugu Velugu. In 2013 June, Bala Bharatham came into existence, especially to promote the kids to read the native language Telugu.

Despite incurring huge losses, the organization continued operations to satisfy the likes of readers. However, the situation turned worse and Ramoji group management decided to terminate the print versions of these magazines. It’s a huge shock to all those who share a great connection with these monthlies all these decades.

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