The First Trillionaire On the Earth

A thousand billion or a million millions make a trillion. While the billionaires are the richest on the earth so far, for the first time, we could see a trillionaire soon. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos could be the first trillionaire.

With the outbreak effect, not many businesses did well and needless to say that the e-commerce businesses did great in cashing upon in many countries. The top e-commerce business Amazon had great business with lockdown and quarantines as most people opt for online shopping. Amazon reportedly earned $75.5 billion in revenue, just in the first quarter of 2020.

Jazz Bezos with a current net worth of $143 billion is on top of the world’s richest people and now with recent turnover, he could be the first trillionaire by 2026. According to the statistics, his net worth is growing at 34 percent average, every year, and the 56-year-old could be the first trillionaire at his 62 years of age in 2026.

Well, the first trillionaire could be Jeff Bezos and the one following him is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who is predicted to become the youngest trillionaire by 2036 and he would be 51 years old then. According to the reports, Jeff Bezos earns $2489 and his fortune is so vast that an average American citizen spending a dollar is the same as him spending nearly 1.3 million dollars. It sounds like a boasting from a filthy rich arrogant heroine’s father in a movie, but this ain’t a movie.

Jeff Bezos was earlier criticized for donating just 100 million dollars to Feeding America as part of his relief efforts in the pandemic. Jeff sold off around 3.4 billion dollars worth of shares before the market collapsed and now he owns an 11.2 percent stake.

With the current numbers, only Apple and Microsoft are trillion-dollar companies, with Google and Amazon expected to be the trillion-dollar by next year.

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