Noida Employee Gets ‘Acre Of Land On Moon’ As A Gift

As we know, consistent hard work might sooner or later get you the desired result and success. Employees, be it any job, work round-the-clock and if done right, might get lucky earning bonus or appraisals. But, in an unprecedented event, a software developer from Noida received something else as a reward for his hard work. And it is incredibly extraordinary.

Iftekar Rahmani, a native of Darbhanga, Bihar, is a software developer and his hard work paid off in an unexpected manner. He has become the proud owner of one acre of land on the moon. And the land was gifted to him by Luna Society International, an American company that sells lunar real estate.

Rehmani runs a software development company in Noida called AR Studios that exclusively works on Artificial intelligence. He founded the company in 2019 as a startup. Ever since then, he reportedly gave his hundred per cent for the benefit of the company.

Now the reward of land on the moon is a huge achievement that brought profound happiness among his family members. His village started celebrating after hearing the news as Rehmani is one lucky employee to taste such an enormous triumph in his district.

So far, we have only three Indians who own land on the moon and they are – Shah Rukh Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Now, we have Iftekar Rehmani joining the coveted list.