Trump Self Medicating With Hydroxychloriquine All these Days!

US President Donald Trump admits that he had been taking in the hydroxychloroquine to keep coronavirus away. The usage of this medicine is still not proven for COVID-19 and is possibly harmful to be taken as prophylaxis.

During his press briefing, Donald Trump revealed the same saying he gets a lot of positive calls about it and it shocked the reporters. The reason is, not his personal choice of using a Malaria drug that was not proven by medical experts and organizations to use against coronavirus, but his position that clashes with the medical science codes.

Donald Trump’s therapy is risky and counterproductive, which can put lots of people’s lives at risk if they follow him. Trump has been repeatedly saying that hydroxychloroquine is a game-changer cure for the coronavirus, while the FDA released a warning that the same drug has not shown to be safe and effective to treat COVID-19.

US President Donald Trump had been talking in contradiction with medical experts since the beginning of all this. He admitted downplaying the severity of coronavirus, the number of cases. He even talked about reopening the country while the cases are still on the rise and his most recent comments of injecting or ingesting the disinfectant shocked the world. The top health experts had to condemn and correct his statements, for which he said he was joking.

Many now feel that Trump’s been using hydroxychloroquine for many weeks but never has got a chance to reveal it because reporters never asked him. It is already known that Trump is being screened every day for COVID-19 after his military aide tested positive recently.

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