Upasana’s Mindful Thought On World Health Day

Upasana Konidela has always been keen on working out and eating well and for anyone interested in making changes to their routine, Upasana is certainly the one to take notes on. Today, as a preventive measure and early detection of deadly diseases, Upasana took a test for the BRCA gene and posted the picture on the same.

To the unversed, the BRCA gene is a test that can tell whether you are likely to have breast or ovarian cancer in future. Genetic testing has become a rapidly evolving science that is benefiting us in terms of accuracy and a wide range of information being procured out of it. Test results help people get more understanding about their body and assist in making better decisions about managing their health.

“I owe my loved ones peace of mind through my good health. Better be safe and precautious than sorry. This #worldhealthday I decided to test myself and my girlfriends for the BRCA gene. I’m super nervous but I have company,” wrote Upasana on social media.

Genetic testing has potential benefits whether the results are positive or negative for a gene mutation and we hope everything turns out grand for Upasana, who is always striving hard towards health and clean eating.

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