Covid19: 1 Patient Gets Admitted Every 10 Min In Gandhi Hospital

India is witnessing an unprecedented state of affairs with an umpteenth number of people walking into hospitals in the name of Coronavirus. While they don’t show any signs of discomfort initially, patients with low saturation would have sudden bouts of respiratory distress. Covid is certainly playing a different game and doctors are left in dilemma over sudden and mysterious ‘happy hypoxia’.

To the unversed, happy hypoxia in covid means a partial decrease of oxygen in the blood. If blood oxygen levels continue to fall, the organs may shut down, and the issue becomes life-threatening. A similar situation is seen in Gandhi hospital as it is reported that nearly 30 patients died in Gandhi hospital in a span of 24 hours. Due to unclarified reports brought out to the public, it is still vague on further details, However, the media sources confirm that atleast 1 patient is getting admitted every 10 minutes to Gandhi hospital and the hospital is now exclusively Covid care centre.

From tomorrow, Gandhi hospital management announced that all emergency and outpatient services will be stalled. Scheduled surgeries and treatments are postponed and diverted to other departments for now as nearly 450 Covid patients are in critical condition inside Gandhi hospital and are in need of ventilators and ICU care.