Won’t Close The Country If Second Wave Hits: Trump

The US President Donald Trump had been against the closing of the country since the beginning of this pandemic and he downplayed many a time the severity of coronavirus spread. Finally, he had to close the country with the spike in cases all over the nation and all the states are reopening it, but slowly. The president of the United States, says he won’t be closing the country, if at all the second wave hits.

The medical experts strongly predict a possible hit from the second and third wave of coronavirus infections once the stay at home and lockdown restrictions end. The second wave is expected to impact a larger number of people than that of the first one.

During his tour in Michigan at a Ford factory, Trump underlined that he is not going to close the country. He said ‘Whether it is an ember or a flame, we are going to put it out. But we are not closing our country’.

The experts said the virus is likely to continue its spread through fall and winter and making it more difficult to fight the virus in the flu season. All the states are reopening including New York, while the cases are still rising in some of the states.

The US had more than 1.61 million coronavirus cases with more than 96,000 deaths and 310,000 people recovered from it.