Viral: Numerologist Predicts End Of COVID With Spelling Change

There is no limit to the knowledge of human beings. The same quote applies to their stupidity as well. We witness people following baseless remedies in solving or fighting a particular problem. Amidst this coronavirus pandemic, many people are spreading fake remedies to treat the virus and people are following them as well.

Now, a numerologist from Anantapur named Annandd Rao claims that the pandemic will end if we change the spelling of corona to ‘caronaa.’ A picture of his statements is now going viral on social media. His statement reads, “If you use the changed spelling of ‘Caronaa’ and ‘COVVIYD-19’ by affixing the same to either door or in public places or by tying the banner in all public places, Caronaa will be disappeared from not only Ananthapuram district but also from the world.”

“This is guaranteed as it is the divine power of numerology,” it further added. This statement from Annandd Rao is now going viral all over the internet. We have to see if people only make funs of it or blindly follow it as well.

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