Viral: Cute NRI Girl’s Cheeky Chat With Dad On Her Wedding!

A cute girl who is probably not even double digit aged had a mature conversation with her dad and this has gone viral on the internet. The video begins with the girl says she will stay back in the US after the wedding and is not willing to go to India.

Shocked by her comments, the girl’s father asks who told her about leaving the house after the wedding. She cutely replies that after the wedding it’s usual practice for a girl to go to her in-law’s place.

“I know this because everyone follows the same practice. But to leave, I need a ticket. So I will stay back here with you and mom,” says the girl.

Building the conversation, her father replies that who would bare the expenses of her husband when it is difficult to manage her. Quirkily the girl says, “My husband will take your laptop and work while I will work using mom’s laptop.”

Then the father questions what he should do and shockingly she replies that by then you will be dead.

This is so sweet and at a young age, she has knowledge of many things.