Now, Centre Allows Private Jets & Chartered Flights

The day the domestic services have resumed in the country, the same day the Centre has permitted for the operations of private jets and chartered flights. The Centre along with permission, has issued many guidelines and did not impose any price cap in these non-scheduled flights.

As per the guidelines, the travelers need to report at least 45 minutes before the flight to take off. However, pregnant ladies, oldies will not be allowed to travel in the private jets unless it’s an air ambulance air service.

Permitting private jets and chartered flights will be make easy for celebrities and politicians who constantly travel from one place to another and mostly to the national capital, Delhi.

Also the Centre has made Arogya Sethu app mandatory for all air travelers. On the first day of resumption of domestic services, over 39,000 people have traveled by air but shockingly more than 50 percent flights have been cancelled due to unknown reasons.