Viral Pic: Wandering Elephants Become Sleeping Beauties

A herd of wandering elephants was spotted sleeping in a forest, and the picture has become viral now.

This herd of Asian elephants escaped the natural reserve in Pu-er city of Yunnan province in China in December 2020. While it is not known why the elephants took up a big journey, they covered more than 500 km. According to a BBC report, the herd was seen resting near a village in Xiyank township after they had to slow down due to heavy rains.

The picture from the top shows around seven elephants sleeping and it is simply beautiful, just like someone on the internet called them ‘sleeping beauties. IFA officer Parveen Kasawan also tweeted the picture of the herd and he wrote, ‘If anybody wants to see how elephants sleep’.

When the efforts to steer the aminals failed, the government has deployed 14 drones and more than 500 people to keep the herd safe. The herd originally had sixteen animals but two returned home and a baby was born during the walk. The herd now has six female, three male adults, three juveniles, and three calves.

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