After Losing USD 50 Billion, Thailand To Open For Tourists Soon

After a more than a year of travel curbs, Thailand is likely to open for tourists soon. Thailand Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on Wednesday said that the country is planning to fully reopen to visitors within 120 days i.e 4 months. It can be noted that Thaliand has lost about USD 50 Billion in tourism revenue last year which is an 82 percent plunge.

It is a calculated risk which is required to support the economy of the tourism-reliant country. However, the country will be open to vaccinated travelers, local and foreign, without a quarantine requirement, the PM added. “Re-opening the country is one of the important ways to start reducing the enormous suffering of people who have lost their ability to earn an income,” he said.

The country was ahead of target in securing 105.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccine for this year, and would seek more supplies next year, Prayuth said. He added that the country plans to administer an average of 10 million shots of coronavirus vaccine each month from July onwards.

Meanwhile, the growing cases in Thaliand are a great concern for tourists. The country has fully vaccinated only 3 percent of its population so far. While the country maintains that it will fully inoculate 70 percent of the population by this year, it needs to be seen what is in store.