US: Movie Theaters Fully Reopening From Today

It is still a hard target for the US government to reach the planned vaccinated people percentage by July 4. Nevertheless, the country is opened big with the lift of mask mandate, though there are people who are against it. Now, in yet another big move, the complete reopening of movie theaters is coming.

After nearly a year of closures and partial reopening based on the capacity limit, the movie theaters in the US are opening without any restrictions from tomorrow. While most theaters are all over the US will be operating with 100 percent capacity from June 24, the AMC theater chain has already reopened one hundred percent from today.

It had been a long time since people have thronged to theaters to watch their favorite movies in the US. Now that the movies are opening big like earlier, we have to see if the cinema-goers will be wanting to have that big-screen experience the same.

Apart from that, many of our movies in India have been stalled due to lockdown restrictions and covid spread. Now that the theaters are opening in the US and also India is moving ahead towards unlock, the release dates of many long-awaited films will be announced in a rush.

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