Sonu Sood Arranges Special Flight for 177 Women Laborers

A vast group of women labourers have been stuck in Kerala due to lockdown and their suffering is unexplainable. Jut when the news of their ordeal reached out to actor Sonu Sood, he decided to do something for them. The actor has already been doing so much on humanity basis, like providing buses for stranded migrant workers.

Sonu Sood has been highly praised for his noble work in the pandemic and his compassion is probably the greatest gift from God. Netizens across India are going gaga over his actions and today, Sonu Sood made something bigger than what we can imagine. There are 177 women labourers stuck in Kerala’s Ernakulam, who used to stitch and engage in embroidery work at a local factory. They were stuck in the state as factory has been closed due to lockdown and are finding ways to return to their homes in Odisha.

Sonu Sood said that as soon as he got the news about them, he and his friend Neeti Goel went onto reaching them. “We knew the only way was to fly them out,” Sonu Sood told. Also, to avoid new problems from the airport as they were shut for passenger movement, the actor took a drastic step by arranging a special aircraft after taking permissions from the government.

He made sure Kochi and Bhubaneswar airports are opened and on his special aircraft, Air Asia, the actor made all those 177 women fly from Kochi at 8 am today. All of them have reached Bhubaneshwar and are being transported to their homes in Kendrapara.

Arranging buses for stranded migrant workers itself is highly appreciable and the special aircraft for women labourers has just won our hearts. There’s nothing beyond this gesture and he’s truly a super hero in reality. The actor also received praises from Bollywood actors and political leaders.

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