Watch: KA Paul Hits Out At Naga Babu

KA Paul is back. The evangelist and Praja Shanti Party founder KA Paul manages to make his presence felt with his videos now and then. KA Paul was not seen much after the hungama he did during the AP general elections until the recent claims about donating houses to coronavirus victims and health workers.

Paul’s latest video is a hard-hitting one against Naga Babu for his recent comments. Paul did not want to take the names but clearly came down heavily on Naga Babu’s praise for Nathuram Godse. Paul ridiculed both Godse and Nagababu, one for being the assassin of the father of the nation and the other for promoting him. Paul questioned how the killing of Mahatma Gandhi by Godse could be reasonable and debatable.

KA Paul lashed out at the ‘three brothers’ very strongly recalling the disastrous loss for them in elections. Watch the video and there could be much more coming from KA Paul soon. 

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