#Lockdown: Germans Teach A New Way To Partying

Due to worldwide lockdowns, bars and nightclubs are closed now but Germany is one such country in Europe which is the best place to enjoy the nightlife. Bars can range from hot mess to high-end, exclusive nightclubs whilst remaining within reach even for locals who prioritize this kind of lifestyle. The country literally does not sleep and the situation is no different even in the pandemic. Obeying social distancing rules, Germans found a way to party hard proving that nothing can stop them from getting their club-night fix.

Club Index, in the German town of Schüttorf close to the border with The Netherlands, found a creative and intriguing way to party. The nightclub has hosted a drive-in rave along with the social distancing rules. It ha opened its car park to 250 cars, with each allowed two people inside. A total of 500 ravers could get the opportunity to experience live club music for the first time after three long months. The footages from the drive-in rave are going viral and the rest of the world is awestruck with its innovation.

Germans have shown us that we can enjoy a party even in a crisis. The visuals showed people wearing masks on decks, laser lights, and the DJ joins in with the performance while part freaks honk their horns as he drops a beat. More and more auto discos like these are expected to come in the near future. With a total of 63,175 cases and 6,692 deaths,Germany has already begun a few relaxations with Chancellor Angela Merkel announcing on Thursday that the country would be reopening museums, zoos, and also, religious communities could be able to hold services again.

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