Japan’s Ex-PM Shot At A poll campaign!

In big breaking news former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe has been shot while he was campaigning for the Parliament elections. According to the Japanese media, Shinzo was shot in the chest twice at around 11.30 am local time in Nara.

Post firing Shinzo Abe collapsed on the ground and was bleeding. Reuters confirmed that Shinzo Abe was undergoing treatment at Nara Medical University Hospital yet his condition is unknown.

Meanwhile the police arrested a person in connection with this attack on ex-PM and the local police say that the shooter appears to be in his 40s. The suspect is a former maritime self defence force member and his intentions behind attacking the ex-PM are yet to be known.

This incident sparked a shocker response internationally while Japan PM Fumio Kishida cancelled his poll campaign and rushed to Tokyo. He might be visiting the hospital where Shinzo Abe is getting treatment.

Also with this incident, the political parties in Japan have called off their campaign for the next two days.