Viral: Queen’s Guard Yells At Tourists Taking Photo

A tourist who got too close to the Queen’s guard in London got yelled at. Two video clips of him being rude to the tourists have gone viral on social media.

Two women were posing for photos at Buckingham Palace with the Queen’s guard. When they got too close to the horse and tried to turn its head towards her, the Royal guard screamed loud, ‘Stand back from the Queen’s lifeguard, don’t touch the reins!’

The woman in the video quickly moved away from the horse in shock. She is the mother of TikTok user Ethan, who reportedly said they will never return to London after this harsh incident.

In yet another video, the Queen’s guard yelled at a woman the same thing. Both these videos went super viral and garnered millions of views. Many online users expressed their anguish at the uniformed guard’s yelling. Many others commented that there are certain rules at the Palace, like no touching et all and some tourists fail to observe them.