Upasana Buys 500 Tickets For Apollo Employees?

Upasana Buys 500 Tickets For Apollo Employees?

Crazy engulfing Pawan Kalyan's Agnyaathavaasi is so big that first-day first show tickets of many theatres in Hyderabad are sold out nearly a week in advance. Though online booking was opened for tickets, most of the tickets are sold out much in advance and only a row of tickets are kept for online buyers.

Buzz has that many Corporate companies have made some bulk bookings when it comes to the first-day shows. And the marketing persons involved in selling these tickets actually got those tickets sold for more than the regular price. Guess what, reports are coming that even Upasana Konidela is one such prominent buyer.

According to the grapevine, Upasana has purchased nearly 500 tickets of Agnyaathavaasi for the First Day shows from different theatres in Hyderabad together. These tickets will be distributed to various employees of Apollo Group, the rumour says.

Not just Upasana, many business people with an establishment where 1000s of employees work are offering tickets to some of their top-level employees. The authenticity of this news cannot be verified, but it looks like we cannot deny it.

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