Agnyaathavaasi: Danger Bells To Nizamvaasi

Agnyaathavaasi: Danger Bells To Nizamvaasi

Before investing in any film, say buying the distribution rights for Nizam area, generally, Dil Raju calculates all possible scenarios. He's the one who has exited from many star heroes films after the producers quoted exorbitant prices. However, sometimes all his calculations might fail big time.

Last year was pretty interesting for Dil Raju as most of his films made money at the box office. And he has cleared off his debts and became a producer running high with profits. But it looks like Pawan Kalyan's latest movie Agnyaathavaasi is going to break his journey big time.

Apparently, Raju bought the rights to this Trivikram directorial for a whopping 29 crores for the Nizam area. Now that the film got disaster talk all over, it will be tough to recover the investment. Generally, he might have expected to recover around 70% of the investment easily for this being a Pawan Kalyan film but that's not the case now. Due to Pongal holidays, most of Hyderabad theatres are likely to wear a deserted look as most people go to their hometowns. Adding to that, this flop talk will be a bigger blow.

In all likelihood, Nizamvaasi is going to see a huge dent in his planned journey due to Agnyaathvaasi. We have to see how he will get compensated in the coming days by making profits on other ventures.

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