Deva Katta Borrowing Ideas From Fans

June 13th, 2012, 12:00 PM IST
Deva Katta Borrowing Ideas From Fans

With 'Auto Nagar Surya' nearing completion, director Deva Katta is getting a lot of focus these days in film circles. This is due to the craze he got with 'Prasthanam' and dialogue teaser of Autonagar Surya. Now, it is about an 'idea' he borrowed from fans.

Comedy king Brahmi is an instant hit on Facebook and Orkut for his morphed posters with funny altercated movie titles. This is a handy work of Brahmi's fans who want to see their heartthrob in different angles. Now, Deva Katta has copied this theme for his latest movie 'Autonagar Surya', but showed his intellectual. The posters of Brahmi posing like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton are the eye catchers in an auto-shed setup named 'Brahmi Mechanic Shed'.

While mass fans find it difficult to connect, A-centre audience are bumping out of seats with uncontrolled laugh. Credit goes to Deva Katta for making Brahmi as 'Laughing Scientist' and people are waiting to find how far he succeeds in using him on the screen.

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