Mixed Reactions: Lokesh Didn’t Get It Right With Rajni?

The title revelation glimpse of Superstar Rajnikanth’s latest movie “Coolie” is out the other day and the teaser carried huge expectations before the release because of Lokesh Kanagaraj being the director of the film. While Rajni’s fans are super happy with the glimpse of #Thailavar171, surely the fans of the director are not so happy with it. Find out why!

‘Coolie’ glimpse is all about introducing Superstar Rajni to the world, through the eyes of Lokesh Kanagaraj. And those who have expected to see Rajni in something like that of Kamal from “Vikram” and Vijay from “Leo”, have been highly disappointed. While the first-ever glimpses of those films have really stunned the audience, somehow Rajni’s Coolie hasn’t created such rage. While using gold-chains as weapons certainly sounded refreshing, Rajni’s preachy dialogues and lack of innovative presentation has upset movie lovers big time. 

When the glimpse of “Vikram” came out, Anirudh’s music and Lokesh’s ideas, coupled with Kamal’s terrific screen presence stunned the audience. At the same time, Vijay’s Leo glimpse, where he picks out a weapon from a melting chocolate is terrific. One wonders why Lokesh Kanagaraj hasn’t created something of that sort for Rajni, but maybe the director is hiding all that stuff for the trailer.