Lover's family kills Sofware Engineer in Hyderabad

March 15th, 2012, 03:08 PM IST

A love affair has led to the murder of Sofware professional in Hyderabad. Sathish who is a native of Warangal is working as a Sofware Engineer in Bangalore. Sathish and Ashwini who is a native of Suraram were in love for the past year or so.

Sathish came to Hyderabad in the last week of January to attend a friend's wedding and since then he went missing. A missing case has been registered by the police in the Saroor Nagar police station. As there is no progress in the investigation, Sathish's parents had
recently approached the Human Rights Commission (HRC). Taking the orders from HRC seriously, the police special team has speeden up the investigation and also busted the mystery. They declared that Sathish has been killed and the love affair is the reason behind it.

According to the police, Sathish has planned to attend his friend's wedding along with Ashwini. He called Ashwini on the phone and asked her to come to LB Nagar. Instead of Ashwini, her relatives came to place informed by Sathish and kidnapped him. He was later taken to the dense forest area near Medchal, killed him and burnt his body with petrol. Ashwini is aware of the murder of Sathish, but she tried to help the culprits by not revealing the facts when the police questioned her initially. The police had taken Ashwini, her father and two other people in Borabanda into the custody and cases were booked against them.

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