Pawan's Satires on Mudragada?

Pawan's Satires on Mudragada?

A day after Kapu crusader Mudragada Padmanabham took a jibe at Pawan Kalyan by saying that he doesn't know him and he doesn't know who are the Kapu leaders sailing with Pawan & Janasena, here comes Pawan's early morning tweets that indirectly took a dig at caste and division.

"The rise of caste division, caste polarisation & the power politics played  around is truly alarming.It will not only hit the economic progress but also it will do irreversible damage to our society and to the collective psyche of our society," Pawan wrote.

Pawan further said that a senior jounralist has greeted him today with a quote that reads as, "Those who cannot defeat you character-wise, will attack you on the basis of your caste, race and wealth."

Needless to say that these are Pawan's indirect satires on Mudragada and other people who use caste as a tool get mileage, especially in the present-age politics.

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