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Judge Stops Trump's Orders Again

Judge Stops Trump's Orders Again

United States President Donald Trump, who's extreme with his moves, has yet again received a huge blow from American judge who ordered a stay on his revived travel ban too.

Now that all eyes are on Trump's new executive order, which was scheduled to come into effect in few more hours, to ban travelers from six Muslim-populated countries, the district court of Hawaii issued a judicial order to stop the blockage of immigrants at US airports.

The temporary travel ban impended on six countries like Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for next 90 days, was not just stopped by Judge Derrick Watson but he also launched a severe criticism on president for violating the establishment clause of nation constitution which prohibits discrimination against any religion.

Because of this new pronouncement, the authorities at American airports will allow passengers and tourist travelers from the banned countries too. The streamlined version of executive order also included permanent ban of Muslims from Syria. Like how Trump received a setback during first order, this move also is also a striking chord at his presidential powers.

So, it remains to be how the businessman-turned-politico will look into this judicial pronouncement and whether he will strike back with a new executive orders.

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