The Two Heroes Who Said No To Balayya?


Balakrishna’s candid interview has many answers from Balayya but also left many questions in the end as the Nandamuri hero did not want to reveal names. Balayya at one moment said ‘give respect and take respect’ and ‘I never talk to them, I never respect them’. So who are those heroes who disrespected and ignored Balayya and what’s the story behind it?

In the interview when asked about multi-starrer plans, Balayya gave an apathetic look saying the idea would be better with smaller heroes. He also mentioned about few incidents where he approached two heroes and they never cared to respond, but again tried to invite him for their business events.

It is heard that Balakrishna approached two star heroes for ‘important’ roles in NTR biopic to represent two other great heroes of NTR’s era, but the latter two turned it down due to reasons only known to them. While Balakrishna played his father NTR, he is said to have made vain trials to bring on the ‘two’ heroes to do the same. The most anticipated movie too could not yield great results which also left Balayya more disgruntled for the ‘refusal’ from the two heroes, though it might to one of the reasons for the movie failure.

So, Balayya appeared to have lost interest for multi-starrer and he even agreed that there were bad multi-starrers NTR-ANR, concluding that a great story like Sholay or bigger could work. Balayya did not rule out a chance of a multi-starrer with Tarak or Kalyan Ram, but no one knows if that could happen.

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