‘Locked Up With Lakshmi Manchu’

Lakshmi Manchu

With the whole world shut inside their home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the online content comes as a blessing in disguise. People are relying on OTT and social media platforms for their daily dose of entertainment. And film celebrities are thus making the most of this platform by taking on unique roles.

Telugu actress and producer Manchu Lakshmi took a great initiation to motivate people in the panicking situation. She has been having live conversations with prominent personalities from different walks of life in the name of ‘Locked Up With Lakshmi Manchu’.

Lakshmi Manchu lockdown Interviews

So far, she interviewed 17 celebrities including film stars, filmmakers, educators, politicians, psychiatrists, yoga gurus, sports personalities etc.

The show is a super hit given the enormous response for each live episode.

Besides inspiring people with the show, Manchu Lakshmi has also been continuing her philanthropy works.

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