‘The Wheel of Time’ Trailer: Is This Amazon’s Best Shot?

Like how Netflix has epic drama shows like Vikings or The Crown, or epic fantasy shows like or the recently released Shadow and the Bone, or The Last Kingdom, Amazon Prime Video is actually struggling to bring one such thing to their table. And it looks like they are betting huge on ‘The Wheel Of TIme’ whose trailer was dropped a couple of days ago.

Based on the super hit book series, Robert Jordan’s ‘The Wheel of Time’, written way back in 1990, now Amazon has decided to come up with a big-budgeted web series with the same name. The story deals with a group of female magicians known as Aes Sedai who use their powers to control nature, cure others and do anything for the sake of saving the world.

The trailer sets the stage for the series, establishing some of the basic tenets of Jordan’s world, with a specific focus on Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike), a member of a group of female magic wielders known as the Aes Sedai, who are capable of wielding the One Power to accomplish feats like controlling the elements and healing others. As the series is based on the 14-book world, Amazon is likely to continue bringing another 5-10 seasons easily if the first one clicks. Going by the teaser-trailer, the content is promising and it looks like this could be Amazon’s shot at Netflix’ fantasy series or the super hit, HBO’s Game of Thrones. For that reason, Prime Video is making sure that the series is available in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi as well in India along with original English version.

While The Wheel of Time is the first shot of Amazon to succeed GoT, they are also bringing up another series, The Lord of The Rings, based on the original books written by RR Tolkien.

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