‘I’m Lazy Hyderabadi In Fast-Paced Mumbai’

Actor Vijay Deverakonda is yet to make his Bollywood debut. But VD has already become a significant face in Bollywood circles, all thanks to his Arjun Reddy and his Bollywood debut Liger being presented by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. Karan has been positioning Vijay well in B-town circles and Vijay’s brand associations are also taken care by Dharma group.

Vijay might be frequently visiting Mumbai for work and attending B-town parties. However, he hasn’t changed much and his working style too admittedly remains the same. In an interview to a national daily, Vijay shared that Mumbai is a fast-paced world and everything there happens much faster. He said people there were on the move and they were at it all the time.

Vijay said that he is a “lazy” and “laid-back” Hyderabadi who works at his own pace. He said that people from Hyderabad are very professional and they give it all their effort for work. However, he said Hyderabad works at a certain pace. Vijay said he loves Mumbai, but he is a Hyderabad at core. Also, he hasn’t forgotten his roots and his struggles in the initial days of career.

Talking about his regular visits to Mumbai, VD shared that he visits the ‘City of dreams’ once in a while on work and he returns to his home in Hyderabad. Vijay is pairing up with Ananya Pandey in Liger and he is quite confident on his B’wood debut.