We announce fake collections to fool audiences, says C Kalyan with AP Gov

Tollywood producers and distributors want the governments of both the Telugu states to support the film industry by increasing the ticket prices. However, the government of Andhra Pradesh is not completely in favor of the film industry. In a recent media interaction, AP minister Perni Nani pointed out that the producers are announcing big numbers to the public but the tax being paid is nowhere connected to the same.

The government of AP wants to put an end to these discrepancies by launching a government-handled online portal to sell movie tickets. The government is trying to achieve transparency and smoothen the flow of revenue.

In a meeting with Perni Nani today, multiple Tollywood producers and distributors took part. The meeting agenda is to discuss the issues of the film industry along with the request to hike the ticket prices as soon as possible.

A video from the meeting is currently being circulated on social media where popular film producer C Kalyan made shocking comments.

C Kalyan admitted to the government that the producers issue fake collections (paper advertisements with 200 Cr, 500 Cr, etc) only to fool the audiences and grab their attention.

Admitting that there are discrepancies from the end of producers, C Kalyan mentioned the reason behind publishing big numbers as film’s collections. “We do it only to cheat the public. By creating an impression in the minds of audiences that our film collected 200 crores, 500 crores, etc., we want to make them feel that they should not miss our film in theatres. That’s how we fool them to bring them to theatres. It has been proven in many instances where the films really became big hits because of this,” said C Kalyan.

C Kalyan also mentioned that the film like Jathi Rathnalu which was made on a small budget collected big at the theatres. He opined to the government should not burden the exhibition sector looking at countable rare low-budget hits.

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