Ohh Finally! Sai Dharam Tweets From Hospital

In a big relief of sorts to all of his friends, family and fans as well, actor Sai Dharam Tej who met with a bike accident on Sept 10th, has put many rumours to rest. He has tweeted a thumbs up finger of him from the hospital bed, sharing his gratitude about the success of “Republic” movie at the box office.

With Pawan Kalyan revealing that Sai Dharam is in coma and later director Deva Katta adding that he spoke to SDT about the release date, many are confused as to what is happening inside Jubilee Hills Apollo Hospital. But then, as there is neither any medical report nor any video byte of Sai Dharam coming up, many felt he’s still in danger, 20 days after the accident, and might be in a coma as well.

But on Sunday evening, Sai Dharam delighted his fans, sharing a picture of him from a hospital bed, where he’s not seen but he raised a thumbs-up sign, thereby thanking fans and movie lovers for the success of the film. “Thanks is a small word to express my gratitude for your love and affection on me and my movie “Republic “See you soon” he wrote on Twitter, along with the picture.

We miss you Sai Dharam, come soon and greet us, we would like to share your some warmth.

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