Pic Talk: RGV Offers Whisky To Goddess Maisamma

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma goes to any extent for free publicity. On Tuesday, RGV reached Warangal for the start of his upcoming movie ‘Konda’ which is based on Telangana politicians Konda Murali and Konda Surekha.

Initially RGV planned a rally in Warangal but to his utter shock, the police denied the permission. After commencing his film ‘Konda’ RGV paid a visit to the Maisamma temple and performed a ritual.

As part of the ritual, RGV offered whisky to Goddess Maisamma. “Though I only drink Vodka, I made the Goddess Maisamma drink Whisky,” tweeted RGV with a picture. In the second picture we can see RGV extending his hand that was holding the glass of whisky. “CHEERS,” tweeted RGV.

Coming to ‘Konda,’ the film will be starring Adith Arun and Irra Mor. Majority of the film will be shot in Warangal.

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