3 Roses Teaser: Life Of Every Girl!

Every girl gets nervous when it comes to their wedding. Probably it is the tough period of their lives. Telugu’s leading OTT, Aha is coming up with ‘3 Roses’ which is based on the concept of wedding in three young women’s lives.

Eesha Rebba, Poorna and Paayal Rajput are the main leads of ‘3 Roses’ and the teaser is unveiled. The teaser essentially introduces the characters of Eesha, Poorna and Paayal and everyone has their own headache to deal with.

Eesha gets engaged to comedian Viva Harsha but she is not happy about her fiancé who is dark skinned and fat. Poorna plays a stand-up comedian and has many requirements for her going-to-be husband. But while waiting for the right guy, Poorna’s age touches 30 and her father makes fun of her still being single.

Lastly Paayal who essays Indu and she is a bold girl. One night stands, hook-ups are common for her but she too wants Mr. Perfect in her life. Will all the three women get the desired men in their lives? Find out on Aha from November 12th.  

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