Is Balayya Promoting Too Much Of Mansion House?

Of course, the whole world knows that senior hero Nandamuri Balakrishna consumes a couple of pegs of Mansion House brandy every evening to make sure that his spirits are in the right place. But then, too much promotion of this habit and the brand, is actually worrying a section of the audience.

Kickstarting his first-ever talk show Unstoppable with a bang, Balayya made a fantastic OTT debut we must say. And very intelligently, knowing that the mass hero consumes Mansion House, even Allu Arvind led Aha platform managed to get the same brand as a major sponsor of the show.

Not stopping there, even Balayya is saying every time that he consumes it for relaxation. While that might be a requirement of the brand, to promote their name in every episode, it’s surely worrying fans of the actor too.

With Balayya being a top star, a responsible MLA and moreover the son of legendary NTR, talking more about Mansion House is somewhere going against the line he was supposed to maintain all the time.

Because with some senior stars like Amitab Bachhan refusing to take up tobacco, paan and liquor ads, Balayya’s direct endorsement is surely gonna affect his image too. Fans feel that it’s better to drop the Mansion House topic if possible, such that the star’s other persona will get the attention.

On the other hand, Balayya is someone who never shies away from telling and doing what he truly feels like.

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