Priyanka Singh Becomes A Trendsetter In Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Telugu completed 13 weeks of its run and is entering the 14th week today. There are only two weeks left and six contestants are in contention for the title right now. It was Priyanka Singh who got eliminated last night.

Priyanka’s journey in Bigg Boss is no less than an achievement. She is the second trans-woman participant in the history of Bigg Boss Telugu. Earlier, Tamannaah Simhadri participated in season 3. At that time, everyone criticized Bigg Boss for bringing her because she had very loud-mouth and was rude in attitude. Even the makers realized their mistake. In season 4, the makers didn’t bring any members from the trans community.

In season 5, the team chose Priyanka aka Pinky from the trans community. Unlike Tamannaah Simhadri, Priyanka is very soft-hearted in nature and played her game very well. She had a close bonding with each and every housemate of this season. She was kind-hearted and lovely throughout her journey.

Priyanka also carried herself very well in the show. She once shared her story of transforming into a woman and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Because of Bigg Boss, Priyanka was accepted by her parents. Thus, the show changed her life completely.

On the other side, Pinky’s presence also turned a positive factor for Bigg Boss all these days. Finishing in the top 7 is not a small achievement and Pinky should be commended for her efforts.

Hope her Bigg Boss journey brings Pinky a lot of offers in the industry from now on and she also remains an inspiration for each and every member of the trans community to aim big and achieve their dreams.

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