Friendship With Directors Helping This Hottie


If you’re not successful enough with your debut flick or spicy flicks, how to grab film projects in Tollywood is the biggest question that lurks around in the minds of many aspiring heroines. But then, this hottest Punjabi lady in town is proving that friendship with directors will help you grab projects and she’s going to prove that again.

After acting in Maruthi’s Mahanubhavudu, heroine Mehrene Kaur Pirzada is in touch with the director for a long time. And last year when she openly asked the director for an offer over a phone call, Maruthi gave her Manchirojulu Vachayi movie.
This is recently revealed by Maruthi himself during an interview. And now, we’re hearing reports that even she has asked director Anil Ravipudi to cast her in another film of him.

After starring in F2, Mehrene is said to have maintained that bond with Anil and he has obviously pushed her for another major role in F3 too. And now, the director is said to be pushing her name for his next which features Nandamuri Balakrishna in the lead.

While the reports of Mehrene being considered for Balayya’s film have come long back, it has now come out that Anil is the one who is doing this help for her.

That way Mehrene is proving the point that if you’re good with the directors, you can obviously grab projects. Of course, Pooja Hegde is being cast by Trivikram in back to back projects in the same fashion.